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Rules & Guidelines - Djembefola - Djembe Forum

For chatting and discussions.
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By bubudi

Welcome to the Djembefola community! These Rules and Guidelines have been made to keep the Forum pleasant, informative, fun and enriching - a place to learn, share and make friends. You are expected to respect all the Rules and Guidelines. Please familiarise yourself with them and check for any changes or additions from time to time. By registering and making posts on this Forum, you are agreeing to abide by these Rules. If at any time you disagree with our Conditions of Use, including these Rules and Guidelines or any future amendments to them, then you are simply advised not to post on this board.
[goto=respect]1. RESPECT[/goto] [indent=17][goto=1a]Disagreements[/goto], [goto=1c]Personal arguments[/goto], [goto=1b]Respecting cultures & diversity[/goto], [goto=1d]Trolling[/goto], [goto=1d]User names[/goto], [goto=1e]Grievances[/goto][/indent] [goto=privacy]2. PRIVACY[/goto] [indent=17][goto=2a]Private messaging/email[/goto], [goto=2b]Disclosure of personal information[/goto], [goto=2c]Access[/goto][/indent] [goto=law]3. INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS & LAW[/goto] [indent=17][goto=3a]Copyright/citing[/goto], [goto=3b]Illegal behaviour[/goto], [goto=3c]Storage & modification of forum posts[/goto][/indent] [goto=relevance]4. RELEVANCE[/goto] [indent=17][goto=4a]Appropriate subforum[/goto], [goto=4b]Before you ask a question[/goto], [goto=4c]Cross-posting & bumping[/goto], [goto=4d]Appropriate content[/goto][/indent]
[goto=advertising]5. ADVERTISING & SPAM[/goto] [indent=17][goto=5a]Unsolicited mail[/goto], [goto=5b]Product advertising[/goto], [goto=5c]Appropriate advertising[/goto], [goto=5d]Event advertising[/goto][/indent] [goto=language]6. LANGUAGE[/goto] [indent=17][goto=6a]Non-English posts[/goto], [goto=6b]Profanity[/goto][/indent] [goto=etiquette]7. ETIQUETTE[/goto] [indent=17][goto=7a]Enforcing rules[/goto], [goto=7b]Use of colour[/goto], [goto=7c]Emoticons[/goto], [goto=7d]Font & styling[/goto], [goto=7e]Handling questions previously asked[/goto][/indent] [goto=additional]8. ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES[/goto] [indent=17][goto=8a]Introductions[/goto], [goto=8b]Getting to know us[/goto], [goto=8c]Citing sources[/goto], [goto=8d]Remember the point![/goto][/indent] [goto=liability]9. LIABILITY[/goto]


a. Respect other forum members at all times. You have a right to disagree with anybody but keep your criticism about the idea and not the person expressing it. No antagonistic, abusive, denigrating, defamatory or threatening behaviour will be tolerated. Djembe means "unity". Don't be a hater. If you have been attacked by another member, we advise that you don't reply to them (this only feeds their need for attention), but rather report the offending post to a moderator.

b. Respect other cultures and diversity in general. Do not post anything that may vilify or offend any race, gender, hair colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference or handicap. This includes jokes that make direct reference to such groups, or have an obvious sexist or racist undertone. Please be warned that some of the cultures that are referred to on this site may have practices that those of other cultures may find odd or objectionable, particularly when they involve children. This site in no way condones nor condemns any cultural practice. You are entitled to disagree with cultural practices but you are expected to be culturally sensitive in the way that you express the objection. There is always a way to get your point across without offending others.

c. Keep personal arguments and issues from other boards, emails, instant messages, or your daily life outside of the forum. Anyone found to be harassing or attacking the character of another member during their first 10 posts will be immediately and permanently banned. Do not air personal grievances on the board, even if you feel provoked by the other person.

d. User names may not be profane, racist, sexist, hateful, threatening, or of a nature that solicits an illegal activity. Such accounts will be immediately and permanently banned.

e. If you have a grievance or objection about an administrator, moderator, the Terms and Conditions or these Rules and Guidelines at Djembefola.com then do not discuss it publicly on the forum. Also do not publicly post your intent to leave the forum. Instead, contact the Djembefola.com team. We will try to alleviate the situation for you in a practical way. If a moderator or administrator asks members to publicly vote or comment on a particular rule then you are permitted to do so within the same topic.


a. Respect people's privacy and intellectual rights. Do not reproduce text from a private message or email onto the forum without the consent of the sender of that message or email. Also, do not reply publicly to a private message sent to you.

b. Do not publicly reveal personal information about another member. Please be careful not to mention the other member's given name, occupation, or other particulars, unless that member has already publicly disclosed that information. All members have a right to privacy.

c. Do not attempt to access any protected sections of Djembefola.com, nor make use of any software or bug exploit to bypass or modify the features of the forum software at Djembefola.com. Anyone found to be doing so will be immediately and permanently banned.


a. Take care to respect international laws, such as Copyright laws. Do not post an article, message or image that was written by somebody else unless you have prior permission to do so. You are allowed to quote another source but please ensure that you cite it. Embedding videos from another site into messages using BBCode is allowed.

b. Do not use this site to promote or attempt to engage in piracy of music, video or software, or any other illegal activity. This includes attaching files that may damage the operation of another's computer, such as a virus.

c. By posting messages on the Djembefola.com forums, you give forum owners and maintainers permission to permanently store all message content, present it for public viewing, make backups to any location/media, modify, delete, or move any message. Most routine editing of posts by the moderating team involves editing BBCode problems, improving legibility or moving a message that has been posted in the wrong subforum.


a. Be sure to post your message in the correct sub-forum. Read the categories and their descriptions carefully as topics submitted to the wrong section may be deleted.

b. Before posting a question, first check the relevant sub-forum to see if the question has already been answered. You may also use the search function on the top right of the page to search all posts for relevant keywords. If you still have more questions after reading the previous responses, you may post them in a new topic containing the new questions. Do not add your question to an existing topic.

c. Do not post the same question or content in more than one topic or sub-forum. If you feel your post did not get enough response after several days, first try to determine if there was a reason for it, such as the message being too long or asking too many questions at once. If, several days after addressing any possible issues, you still feel your post did not get adequate response, you may add a reply to bump the post up in the topic list. This may be done once per topic only.

d. Stay on topic. Little sidelines are allowed but don't turn the thread into a completely different topic. Instead, start a new topic. This is important to keep the flow of the topic as well as to give the new topic proper airtime.

e. This forum is about West African music and dance with a particular focus on djembe, Mande drumming and traditions. Our community has a preference for traditional drumming and dance so please be mindful of this. You may post about other musical instruments used in West African music in the Other Instruments sub-forum. Jokes about any topic may be posted in the Humour section. Other topics may be discussed in the Social sub-forum as long as they add interactive value to the community and are not promotional in nature (some non-profit activities will be considered after prior contact).


The rules in this category are designed to protect our members from unsolicited mail and internet scams which are sadly becoming increasingly more common. They are also designed to ensure that people who advertise also contribute to our community.

a. Do not use any of the features of the forum or website at djembefola.com for sending or compiling data in order to send unsolicited mail to our members. If you receive unsolicited mail and you believe it came from one of our members, contact us. This kind of behaviour is illegal and contravenes the Anti Spamming Legislation. We will investigate any such complaints and prosecute the offender. In addition members exhibiting such behaviour will be subject to an immediate and permanent ban.

b. Before posting an advertisement for your product, shop or company, we require that you be a contributing member, that is, you must have been a member for at least 2 months and made at least 25 posts of a non commercial nature. By interacting with the community and contributing discussion you develop respect from the community and your advertisement will have more credibility. Give a little, get a lot. You must post product ads in the Buy & Sell area only (one ad per business or person). You may not re-advertise these product(s). A unique clearance sale can be advertised, with a maximum of 4 per business (or person) per year.

c. Do not post an advertisement for any product which isn't related to West African music or culture as this is considered as Spam. Anyone attempting to do so will be immediately and permanently banned.

d. Events may be posted after a contribution of 10 non commercial posts is made. Post lessons or workshops in the 'Lessons and Workshops' sub-forum only. Performances must only be listed in the 'Performances' sub-forum. You may not re-advertise the event, however you may provide updates to the event within the same thread.


a. We are an international community and therefore require that you post in English so that the majority of people can understand. We cannot moderate any messages posted in other languages, therefore they will be deleted. We intend to assist our members of non-English speaking backgrounds by providing automated translation.

b. You may notice some members using profanity from time to time. This is allowed as long as it is not directed at others or used excessively. Be aware that on an internet forum others may perceive you entirely by what you write on the forum.


a. Please allow the moderators to handle any breach of rules or etiquette. If after some time passes, you are concerned that something has been overlooked by the moderators, you can report the relevant post to the moderating team.

b. Do not post a message using a colour that is difficult to read or using too many colours. The default text colour is black which is the most legible. You may use colour sparingly to highlight a heading or keywords.

c. Emoticons (also known as smilies) have been provided to enable you to express your feelings and intentions better. Used well, emoticons may help prevent people from misunderstanding your message. Do not post an excessive number of emoticons or use them to bring attention to your message.

d. We have allowed different font sizes and styles to make it easy for our members to create proper headings and highlight a small amount of important text. Do not use bold, italic, underline, large font size, all caps or the tag on an entire message or for a large portion of a message. Doing so will result in deletion of the message and a warning will be issued.

e. If a new member asks a question on a topic that has already been discussed on the forum, do not give them a blunt reply. A more helpful approach would be to give them a link to the post you wished that the new member would have searched for.


a. Please introduce yourself before posting questions or responses. Would you go up to a group of people and ask for help without first introducing yourself? Of course not! Do not use the Introductions sub-forum for promotional purposes.

b. When first joining, it can be tempting to respond to many topics that take your interest. We advise you to take the time to get to know our community a little first by reading through the different topics that take your interest, and by posting an introduction. In this way your posts will be more appropriate and therefore more appreciated by the community.

c. When making a statement of fact, it would benefit everyone if you explained how you came to know of the fact, whether it's something you read, or were told by a teacher or friend. Try to cite your sources. This will give more credibility to your statements.

d. Have fun! This is the main reason we are here! If something is spoiling your fun and contrary to the rules, remember that you can report it to us. Then move on, and keep enjoying the Forum.


a. All information contained on djembefola.com, including in the forums, is not a substitute for expert advice. We take care to keep information as correct as possible, however, we cannot tailor advice to your circumstances or guarantee the correctness of statements made on the website or by our members. If you choose to use such information, djembefola.com or its team will not be liable for any resulting loss or damage.

b. Forum members are responsible for the content of their messages. We will not be held accountable for any damage, loss or breach of law made by our members.

Please note that anyone not complying with the rules will in most cases be warned and then banned if they continue to disregard the rules. In some cases outlined above, an immediate and permanent ban will result.

Thank you for familiarising yourself with our Rules and Guidelines. We hope you enjoy your time here!

The Djembefola team![hr=AliceBlue][/hr]
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