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By tonycasemore
Hey guys, I'm new to the forum a looking for advice about buying my first Djembe.

I recently came across a 2nd hand Djembe online which the seller claim to be made in Guniea, African Mahogany Shell and Guniean Goat Skin.

I'm well aware the risk of buying online but the musical instrument shop near where I live only sell very low quality Djembe that look very cheap (But sold very expensively). With the price that the seller is offering this is perhaps my best choice so far.

I just got some pictures from the seller, do you guys think this Djembe looks well made?
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By korman
The drum looks well made! From the bottom pic it looks like shell is quite thick - it could be heavy. But of course, depends on the price. How much they're askin?
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By the kid
That looks like a serious piece. Wood is probably djalla. Everything about it looks top form to me. True the stem looks thick like up to 2 inchs but I presume the bowl is thinner. And the sound will be worth the extra weight unless you are looking specifically for a light drum.
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By Dugafola
hopefully it's a hardwood like jalla or gele. it could be stained white wood/melina. the weight of the drum will be a tell whether it's either or....