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By the kid
Anyone seen it. Pretty crafty documentary of Tim Jenison's dream to paint a Vermeer, (If you didn't see it and think it might be good then don't read on and go and try see it)....

Anyone seen it. Pretty crafty documentary of Tim Jenison's dream to paint a Vermeer, and discover the possible secret techniques used in Vermeers work. I watched it a few times. The music is pretty good. Just realized music was composed by Conrad Pope for the documentary. They certainly put a lot of work into the production. And it all fits together perfectly.

Now i see some guy online is suggesting it is a hoax. The whole 'Documentary by Penn and Teller' should equate to possibility of some illusion or hoax but they even play on this suggesting people didn't take them seriously on the project due to there magic/illusion background. It is well believable and enjoyable to watch if your into art and documentaries. It might be a bit slow for some, need to be in the mood for it i guess but i was captivated. I like well made documentaries i do, and cookery programs lol. ... 83bb3ce7a2
By the kid
Well i liked this documentary anyways. It is well made and has this calming quality which i would describe as spiritual lol. The music makes a big contribution imo. Ultimately I reckon it is the real deal as in no trickery is going on to fool the audience. It's more like discovering Vermeers trickery.

It is funny reading some art critics dismissal of the importance of the film regarding discovering some of the techniques used by the great artists. Art historians seem to prefer to be amazed by an artists ability rather than trying to look at the works they produce objectively.
By the kid
I guess i got tired of watching sex and violence. Need some intellectual inspiration sometimes so i watch documentaries on all the geniuses out there, past and present. Art and music make good fodder for docs imo.