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What is Software development lifecycle? by Anonymous on Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:20 am
The application development life cycle is widely known as the Software development life cycle . As the name suggests, is the stages within which the Software application goes through during its

existence – its lifetime. The stages can be mainly divided into 4 phases. The design phase, the development phase, the testing phase and the maintenance phase. Wherever you read about the SDLC, the

names of the stages may differ but they finally mean the same.

Let us understand each of the stages in a little detail.

The design phase: The first stage and probably the most important stage for any software product development or Software application development project. The software architect is the person who

initialises this phase. The software application comes into existence either because of a client requirement or an innovative idea. Product prototypes are created in this phase to show the understanding of

the to-be software product. Once the client or originator of the product confirms t...

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Forokoroba - Looking for info on this rhythm by on Sat Feb 01, 2014 8:35 pm
Nov 2013, in Guinea, I learned a dance to a rhythm called Forokoroba. After asking my teachers to say it repeatedly, that is how I believe it is spelled ... or at least sounds like it's spelled. I was told it is a Malinke welcoming and celebration rhythm. They likened it to a Yankadi, a happy, feel good "swingy" rhythm. I can not find any history or drum notation on it. I have found a few work shop videos of it being taught in dance classes in France. Can anyone provide me with more information on Forokoroba? Thank you.

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Lonely Djembe by messengert69 on Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:09 pm
I am in Wallasey, Merseyside. I am a lonely Djembeist and really like to meet with others to learn to play properly with like minded players. I have taught myself how to reskin and rope (as first purchase was a carcase with rings) now plays to my satisfaction but could do with advice re tuning. Also purchased a Typhoon (varnished Oak mechanical tuning) minus skin and have rebuilt that one. Now I really want to put them to good use.
Heal the feeling, feel the healing.
As the Djembe is the Healing Drum I want to proceed to the healing.

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Server Monitoring by Anonymous on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:50 pm
Server monitoring is essential to preserve privacy and secrecy of company's records. As an enormous quantity of essential information is stored within the Server, so it isn't a option but a compulsion for an IT entrepreneur to set up a Server monitoring plan to stop his sensitive information from becoming found by the prying eyes. Aside from guarding numerous layers of one's database, a monitoring plan also guarantees inaccessibility of one's record towards the hackers. Contemplating the increasing incidence of cyber crimes, it certainly provides you a reassurance that your essential database is beyond the attain from the cyber goons. It's this context exactly where SQL Server Monitor claims a deserving mention.
server monitoring and upkeep is great for the Software in addition to hardware applications. No matter whether or not you're checking the well being of one's Server on a weekly or perhaps a month-to-month basis,...

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Network Monitoring Software by Anonymous on Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:43 pm
IT administrators are spoilt for option when buying for network monitoring options. We've numerous vendors flaunting function sets, pricing sheets, supported vendor list, comparison sheets and so on. on their web sites and collaterals. Whilst all they are great developments for the seasoned IT administrators, the overkill on technical specifications and advertising ballyhoo can leave the not-so-experienced people in utter confusion.
Correct network monitor Software can determine future and present issues using the network. Network monitoring software is developed to monitor LAN and all network gear elements. It troubleshoots nearly all network related problems as well as renders reports on network equipments element. Network monitor software reduces unnecessary waste of time, enables the user to monitor network gear element and notifies when failure happens. Whole network may be managed from a central place. Customers...

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