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MODOO the new BAGS.... 2010 by kojoba on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:47 am
I'm just now seeing the posts you guys had about my bags form 2009... thanks for the comments and view points. i need that bit of info on how you think the bags where done. Good, Bad, alright, GREAT!... what ever, the point is there's always room for improvement.
I'm working on the new line now. I've decided to do a "student Level" & a "Pro Level". I'm really trying to change the game in terms of the weight, style, durability, on the bags keeping in mind the craftsmanship in what Tony Lagrutta was going after in a higher quality (Instrument) djembe bag/case. Not commenting on what happened with Tony, but more importantly keep in mind that this is a CLASSICAL INSTRUMENT and it should be treated as such from the HISTORICAL value with its place in history and that its an instrument that's made up of natural raw materials.
Who wants a bag that weigh's half of the weight of there drum? I'm really trying not to put to much hard ware on the case but at the same time...

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translate by buisson on Sun Feb 21, 2010 4:12 pm
comment voir ce forum en français SVP ? merci
je vous envois des rayons de soleil !

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1 year since I joined by davidognomo on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:52 pm
I've never made a blog entry.

It has past a year since I joined. I started taking classes more or less at the same time. Took also two workshops (2 days each, though), with Baba Touré and Fode Bangoura.
I directed a play this November where I played djembe with 2 colleages of mine (on the dunduns that I managed to buy). Starting on the 2nd phase of that project this January, premiere the 23th February, on a major theatre here in Lisbon. Shakespeare and west african percussion...

All that I can and want to say is that this site, and mainly this forum, has made me grow a lot. Getting to know artists that I didn't, new rhythms, staying in touch with the feeling and the passion when classes stopped. The cultural and knowledge exchange, the shared passion and ingenuity.

Thank you all.

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3/12 practice group by gr3vans on Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:13 am
Sangban/ Kenkeni - me
djembe/ Sangban/ Kenkeni - Karim

Warm up w/ Balakulanya (sangban)
Rest of practice was spent working on Kawa. I've had some trouble with the Sg part and have been working at it. while Karim went through the dance with the dancers I spoke the part aloud. Once the dancers were ready for music I played Kenkeni and Karim played sangban and dununba.

at the very end of the session I played kenkeni part for dununba while dancers stepped to the down beats.

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Mini-Guinea Singapore, Sep 2010, Day 8-9 by michi on Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:32 am
Day 8:

The intermediate group learned two rhythms. The first one was Sewa (which I believe Mamady created himself—I missed the start of the session, so I have no background info on it). The rhythm has a distinct Ivory Coast feel to it. The dunduns are played upright without bells, and the accompaniments are similar to Bete and Begbe (both from Ivory Coast). The second rhythm was Kotedjuga. (It's called Kotedjuga in Guinea and Koredjuga in Mali.)

Mamady improvised to Kotedjuga at the end of the session. Here is a recording.

The advanced group worked on Mamady's solo technique for Soliwulen. Most people were struggling severely with the last two techniques, which require precise micro-timing to sound right.

Mamady improvised to Soliwulen, which was a treat. You can listen to it here.


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