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on order by Dugafola on Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:21 pm
ivory coast style shell - lenke

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Bobobo breaks - by Prospa (Ghanian master drummer) by aghis on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:24 am
B: Bass T:Tone S:Slap @ space

Call: B@TT @TT@ TT@T T@T@
variation BTSS @SS@ SS@S S@S@

1. T@BB @B@@ @B@B BB@B |T@BB @B@@ @@@@ @@@B Recurs 4x Back to Call Forward to 2
2. B@T@ @@B@ T@@@ B@T@ | B@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ |
BBB@ TTT@ B@@@ TTT@ | BBB@ TTT@ B@@@ @@@@ Recurs x 2 Back to call Forward to 3
3. BT@T T@T@ BT@T T@T@| BT@T T@T@ @@@@ @@@@
BT@T T@T@ @@@@ @@@@ Once Back to Call Forward to 4
4. T@TT @@@B @T@B BB@T | B@T@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@
@@@@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@ | @@@@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@ Recurs x2 Back to Call forward to 5
5. B@TT @TT@ S@@@ S@@@| S@@@ SBB@ S@BB B@S@ Recurs x4 Back to call forward to 6
6. BBB@ T@B@ T@T@ B@T@ | B@@B @@TT @TT@ T@@@ |
S@@S @@TT @TT@ T@@@ | B@@B @@TT @TT@ T@@@ Recurs x4

You can find the female male kpanlogo parts in the net, bell is the standard heartbeat.
I am glad i found a community that loves drumming...

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Mini-Guinea San Diego, April 2010, day 5 by michi on Sat May 01, 2010 10:42 pm
Day 5 (Friday) of the camp.

Group 1 did two new rhythms, Dubalen and Karinkadjan.

Dubalen is a species of tree. Dubalen are large trees, about the same size as a Baobab. The trees have a large presence in the village--they are the trees under which elders make decisions and where festivals take place.

When Mamady first started drumming, he spent a lot of time under a particular Dubalen tree in Balandugu; the rhythm (a 6/8) is one of Mamady's compositions and named in honor of that tree. Mamady was blessed by many fetishers (male and female) under that tree.

The tree eventually died and, on Mamady's last visit to Balandugu, was no longer there. Mamady cried when he saw that the tree was gone.

There is also a non-profit association of the same name that is doing projects in Balandugu to help the village. I'll post more info about that as I get it. (Update: details of the association can be found in this...

[ Continued ]

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Mini-Guinea Singapore, Sep 2010, Day 7 by michi on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:05 am
Day 7:

The intermediates continued to work on Yankadi/Macru and spent the entire session on that.

The advanced group finished the solo for Djagbe, and Mamady then showed the dunduns for Djagba. It's Djagbe as it is played in the Kouroussa region, where they use a different dundun pattern.

Mamady also improvised to Djagbe. The improvisations he does once he has finished teaching a rhythm are a highlight of his camps for me. You get to sit right there and are treated to some of the best djembe playing anywhere in the world. You can find a recording of it in the Media section.

The advanced group then moved on to Soliwulen and finished all the basic parts for that. Mamady will teach his solo technique for Soliwulen today.

The pyramid added another rhythm slotted in between Kedu and Soliwulen: Tiriba. This is the first time I've seen Mamady use six rhythms instead of five...

[ Continued ]

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Visit The Practice of Practice: How Musicians Learn by jharnum on Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:06 pm
Tried to get this to clone my actual blog, but no luck. If you'd like, check out my blog/podcast about music practice wherein I discuss and talk to master musicians about music practice:

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