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Drumming under water by michi on Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:32 am
Well, here I am in Queensland (the Sunshine State), and three quarters of the state have been declared a disaster area. The recent floods are the worst natural disaster in Australia's history (in extent, not in terms of loss of life fortunately).

Queensland is a large state. To give you an idea how large, take Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. All together, they are not quite as large as Queensland. You need to add Massachusetts and Connecticut to make up the difference. Or, if you want to put it differently, Queensland is has almost exactly 20% of the land area of the entire United States. Three quarters of that are flooded or severely affected by flood.

Queensland has experienced very serious losses of crops and livestock. Infrastructure is seriously damaged everywhere. Roads, bridges, water supply, electricity, communications, etc. It is difficult to ensure supply of essential goods to many areas that are cut off by the floods. Supermarkets are low or empty...

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Bobobo breaks - by Prospa (Ghanian master drummer) by aghis on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:24 am
B: Bass T:Tone S:Slap @ space

Call: B@TT @TT@ TT@T T@T@
variation BTSS @SS@ SS@S S@S@

1. T@BB @B@@ @B@B BB@B |T@BB @B@@ @@@@ @@@B Recurs 4x Back to Call Forward to 2
2. B@T@ @@B@ T@@@ B@T@ | B@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ |
BBB@ TTT@ B@@@ TTT@ | BBB@ TTT@ B@@@ @@@@ Recurs x 2 Back to call Forward to 3
3. BT@T T@T@ BT@T T@T@| BT@T T@T@ @@@@ @@@@
BT@T T@T@ @@@@ @@@@ Once Back to Call Forward to 4
4. T@TT @@@B @T@B BB@T | B@T@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@
@@@@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@ | @@@@ @@BB B@T@ @@@@ Recurs x2 Back to Call forward to 5
5. B@TT @TT@ S@@@ S@@@| S@@@ SBB@ S@BB B@S@ Recurs x4 Back to call forward to 6
6. BBB@ T@B@ T@T@ B@T@ | B@@B @@TT @TT@ T@@@ |
S@@S @@TT @TT@ T@@@ | B@@B @@TT @TT@ T@@@ Recurs x4

You can find the female male kpanlogo parts in the net, bell is the standard heartbeat.
I am glad i found a community that loves drumming...

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winter by Dugafola on Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:56 pm
winter means rain here on the central coast of cali.

rain means humidity.

humidity means my drums go down.

i hate tuning drums when it's soggy outside.

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dunun village by Dugafola on Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:16 pm
dunun village is this weekend.

DV started around 2000 at a Rainbow Gathering of all places. at this particular Rainbow, a bunch of west african drum/dance students formed their own camp and called it Dunun Village. soon after they started to seek out a piece of land where they could hold a gathering every spring and fall for west african drum/dance students and teachers could come and play, teach and party together.

the gathering has hosted some prominent african artists: bolokada conde, abdoulaye diakite, alysco diabate, tonton sylla, salif kone, fana bangoura, moussa camara etc etc.

dance classes are held in DIY tent on the dirt. drumming can happen anywhere and everywhere and at all times of night.

students come from all over the west coast and have even flown in from the east coast and japan to attend. i've seen gatherings as big as 150 and as small as 50ish.

o yea...and it's pretty much fee. all that's asked is that you donate $$ to the family that owns the land and pack...

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Mini-Guinea San Diego, May 2010, day 6 by michi on Wed May 05, 2010 10:26 pm
Day 6 (Monday) of the camp.

Mamady has split the class into advanced and intermediate groups. There are eleven people (some not so advanced) in the advanced group.

The intermediates started on a rhythm called Deniya, composed by Mamady. Deniya means "youth" or "childhood". Mamady spoke quite a bit about his childhood, how he was taken away at age 12 to join the (not yet formed) Ballet Djoliba, and how he missed his family and village. Reading between the lines, there was a lot of pain and sadness in him in those days, and Mamady himself said that there is a large part of childhood that he missed out on. The rhythm is a 6/8 where the djembe accompaniments start on the last (3rd) micro-pulse before the 1 and the 3. Some of the intermediates where struggling mightily with feeling that right, endlessly pushing the first note onto the pulse...

The advanced group did the solo for Soliwulen. It's the same solo as on Mamady's volume 4 DVD. Soliwulen is a mask dance that is...

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