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Mini-Guinea Singapore, Sep 2010, Day 10

Permanent Linkby michi on Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:47 am

Final day of the camp, with one rehearsal at 2:00pm and then the performance at 5:00pm.

This is the hottest and most humid day I've experienced so far. By 3:00pm, the temperature was at 39C (102F), with humidity at 92%. Truly awful.

We did another run-through of the pyramid, including solos by a few people. You can listen to it in this post. After the rehearsal, we all piled into a bus that took us to the performance venue in the middle of town, a large open-air amphitheatre, large enough to hold probably around 1000 people. We deposited our drums back-stage and then had about 1.5 hours time for shopping and to grab a bite to eat.

Several groups performed prior to the pyramid (which was the final act), including a group from India, Japanese Kodo drummers, and the Lila Drum Ensemble. When we finally went on stage, temperature was still in the high thirties, and we were standing in the sun. In other words, it was bloody hot.

The performance itself went very well. No hick-ups or melt-downs, and good energy all round. Even the choreography for the arranged solos went well, except for one move, where one person (who shall remain nameless ;) ) ended up standing up staring into the sky, oblivious to the fact that there were ten others around all crouching down :)

The performance ended with Mamady doing a solo to Soliwulen. Unfortunately, the guys at the sound mixer were completely incompetent and the solo was barely audible. A real shame. I'm thinking that for performances such as this, there should always be an insider beside the mixer to give instructions to the crew, who are usually clueless as to the correct sound balance.

After Mamady's solo, Kelvin led a 10-minute community drumming session, with the audience and all the performers drumming together. There were dozens of djembes and small percussion instruments all throughout the amphitheatre for the audience to use, and people joined in with great enthusiasm.

Back-stage again, I changed out of my costume and found that it really had been hot: my costume was completely soaked, to the point where sweat was dripping out of it. I must have lost a litre of liquid or more in those 60 minutes.

We all piled back into the bus to return to the practice venue, where we enjoyed a buffet dinner that Kelvin had arranged for us. Much of the evening was spent taking photos and saying good-bye to everyone. I have fond memories of this camp. In particular, the people working with Kelvin for the event were fantastic. Their dedication and friendliness are something I will never forget. I've never been made this welcome at a drum camp before.

Next year, the Asia Mini-Guinea will be held in Mishima, Japan, and I'm hoping to be able to go to that. Hopefully, Singapore will make the list again the year after. If it does, I'll definitely be there.

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Re: Mini-Guinea Singapore, Sep 2010, Day 10

Permanent Linkby monotone on Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:25 am

We always welcome you back Michi! Even if there's no workshop.
BTW this is Melvin, the guy with the giant specs @@
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