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Author:  michi [ Sat May 01, 2010 10:42 pm ]
Blog Subject:  Mini-Guinea San Diego, April 2010, day 5

Day 5 (Friday) of the camp.

Group 1 did two new rhythms, Dubalen and Karinkadjan.

Dubalen is a species of tree. Dubalen are large trees, about the same size as a Baobab. The trees have a large presence in the village--they are the trees under which elders make decisions and where festivals take place.

When Mamady first started drumming, he spent a lot of time under a particular Dubalen tree in Balandugu; the rhythm (a 6/8) is one of Mamady's compositions and named in honor of that tree. Mamady was blessed by many fetishers (male and female) under that tree.

The tree eventually died and, on Mamady's last visit to Balandugu, was no longer there. Mamady cried when he saw that the tree was gone.

There is also a non-profit association of the same name that is doing projects in Balandugu to help the village. I'll post more info about that as I get it. (Update: details of the association can be found in this post.)

Karinkadjan is a rhythm composed by Mamady and named in honor of his master. The rhythm is a quite funky 4/4 that's a lot of fun to play. When I get more time, I'll post some sound clips or at least notation. At moment, I'm writing these updates whenever I can snatch a bit of time...

Mamady spent a good 20 minutes during the session talking about the relationship with his master, the things Karinkadjan taught him, and also talked a fair bit about the seven secrets. I have detailed notes and a recording of everything, but I don't have the time right now write it all up. But I can tell you that it was fascinating--I'm glad that I was there. This information is available nowhere else, as far as I know.

Group 2 finished off Zaouli 7 in the morning session.

I didn't attend the afternoon pyramid class because I had to catch my flight to San Francisco, so I don't know what Mamady covered there. (I'm waiting for Linda to email me the MP3s of the important bits, so I can at least listen to the material on the way back on Monday morning and avoid embarrassing myself too much during the pyramid class ;) )

Mamady picked four people from Group 1 for the advanced group that starts on Monday. From group 2, I think he picked three or four--not sure about exact numbers because I wasn't in the room at the time. So, starting Monday, I guess he'll make up for lost time and really hammer us. (He promised as much during the Group 1 session :) )



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