The best of – the good stuff you may have missed

We’ve been online since 2008, so we have a lot of great information and learning resources to help you learn more about this music, culture, and become a better drummer. It can however be difficult for people who have just found us to find all the good content that has passed before, so I hope to highlight some of our best content here.


djembefola interviews

We have done interviews with well known djembe players and teachers, from master drummers to non-africans who have been around the global djembe communities for many years. You can learn a lot from their experiences and knowledge so you may want to check them out…

The most recent was with Master djembefola Bolokada Conde.

Don’t miss this hour and half long lecture from Mamady Keita, this interview with M’Bembe Bangoura, and these other interviews.

It’s important to know about the great djembefolas who have come before, so that you know the history of the instrument and can track down quality videos, workshops, and learning material. We have an artists section, where we have biographies on some of the best drummers and dancers past and present.

Drum notation

We also have a powerful djembe notation system, that allows anyone to easily make their own djembe or dundun notation, that can be edited later, emailed or shared on social, media with friends or other people in the forum. The idea is to make it easy for us to share, discuss and learn from each other. Notation that is marked as ‘public’ (for public consumption – your notation can also be private), appear on the public drum notation page.

We recently also developed a notation player for the system that will actually play the notation (this currently only works on the Google Chrome web browser, and currently only for djembe drums), you can see an example of this in action, if you click play on this page. So if you want to explain or share something with someone you can simply create it on the notation system, and email someone a link to the phrase, where they can read it, or even listen to it with the player.

Otherwise you can just enjoy the drum notation that other people have already shared.

Djembe and drum rhythms

There is also a djembe rhythms section that has a huge list of traditional and modern drum rhythms. There is always new content being added there, as it connects with drum notation system and automatically pulls in any notation that someone has added (and marked as public), along with descriptions and videos we have added. It also pulls in links to any mentions this rhythm gets in the djembe forum. The page for Soko, is currently the most developed, and we are building this out over time so expect this to grow.

Your online drumming community, is the biggest English language djembe forum online, and we have many years of sharing from our awesome community from which you can benefit. You can also create your own djembe blog, where you instantly have an interested audience, or if writing isn’t your thing you can enjoy reading about other drummer’s experiences. Connect with other drummers on the djembefola djembe forum, share and learn with other people who have the same passion, and even bring these relationships into the real world, as many of us have already done.

We have gone into quite a few rhythms in deeper detail with our Rhythm of the month section in the forum, this part of the site requires you to login, or register if you haven’t already got a free account, and some of the conversations we have had pull on the unique experiences of many experienced students of the djembe.

For most of the larger international djembe communities we have a ‘countries page’, where you’ll find local information about what’s happening in your community. Any djembe related events that you are organising can be added to our events section (events can be added here) and they then appear on the related international page. To see if we have a page for your country, check out the international djembe page.

Any events added to are automatically posted into the forum for discussion, and anyone who has subscribed for that country is emailed the details of the event. More information about adding events to

Djembe, Drumming and cultural articles

Both experienced drummers and beginners will find the djembefola glossary useful, as it explains some terminology that is used both in the djembe forum, and our articles.

If you are considering buying a djembe, then be sure to check out our guide to buying a djembe, and this article about the different kinds of woods used to make djembes.

At some point, you may consider going to Africa to study drum or dance and in this case, have a look at this article, which explores the various option when studying in Africa.

We have several articles that aim to help you play better djembe.

If you want to improve and understand djembe culture and music, they we really recommend learning more about the culture and context in which it’s played. We have articles on the role of traditional djembe drumming, traditional west african djembe music dancing, and the art of Jeliya.

We also have an instructional article on how to make your own dundun stands.

Djembe lessons

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In addition to the articles above, we provide a few options when it comes to learning drumming here on We have some free djembe lessons available.

We also partnered with Tasumakan a few years ago, to bring you top notch djembe instructional videos, that are available to download instantly.

It’s been a great 7 years so far, and we plan to keep bringing you the highest quality djembe related news, articles, lessons and resources, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to signup to our newsletter to get our latest content first.


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