Interview with Sidiki Camara

sidiki camara
Sidiki Camara

I caught up with Sidiki at the Mama Africa Festival, which took place from the 25th of July until the 1st of August near Mulazzo in Italy.

Sidiki Camera was the lead soloist for the Ballet of Mali for 11 years, so he has knows his way around a djembe and has seen some major changes in the way djembe is approached and played in the last 20 years.

We talked about these changes, djembe technique and Sidiki’s hopes for the future of djembe and more.

The Sabar starts about 30 seconds after we start the interview (it doesn’t last for the entire length of the video and we have done our best job on the sound to improve it’s quality). We apologise for the quality (it’s quite distracting at times), so if you’re having trouble you may like to check out the transcript for this interview.


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Author: James

James loves music, especially Djembe drum music. He has been studying traditional djembe drumming since 2004. Nearly all his free time goes into developing

2 thoughts on “Interview with Sidiki Camara”

  1. This would have been a much easier to hear interview if it was not for the music in the background drowning out their voices. Because of that, I was not able to hear most of what Sidiki said.

  2. Hi Dharmananda,

    Yes you are right of course. I did my best with the equipment I had. We actually did a lot of work on trying to clean up the sound, but it was an uphill battle.

    I will endevour to do better next time.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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