djembefola x Dress Lands Navy Blue Chiffon Dress

djembefola x Dress Lands Navy Blue Chiffon Dress / With Pleated Skirt/ Horizontal Stripes

This djembefola x one is a lovely chiffon dress that is colored in navy blue and it looks amazing when you wear it! The neckline is a shirt collar and the buttons go all the way down until the waist line. The skirt section of the dress has a lovely pleated feature and the length of the dress goes up until the thigh area of the leg. The bottom of the dress has lovely lines on the bottom, which go around the dress in a horizontal manner. Purple white and light blue are amazing colors and they really help to bring out the features in the dress! If you have pale colored skin then your body will look great as the navy blue color really brings out your complexion. You can team the dress up with a pair of heels, or, if you wish, a pair of trainers.

Author: Michi

Michi Henning is a djembe player and teacher in Brisbane, Australia. He is a frequent contributor to He got bitten by the djembe bug in early 2004 and, since then, has failed to get rid of it again. Consequently, he spends much of his life drumming, teaching, performing, building drums and drum stands, reading about drumming, listening to Malinke music, and generally obsessing about the djembe. In real life, when he isn't busy doing something djembe-related or planning his next trip to Africa, he is a computer scientist specializing in distributed computing.

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