Djembe News – for May

Welcome to another edition of the newsletter.

This month we have an interview with Monette Marina-Keita, wife of legendary Mamady Keita., and we also review some of the best djembe videos on the web.

This month we introduce 2 new features on the newsletter. Read up on the great masters and prodigies of West African drumming and dance on the Biography of the Month. Then learn about traditions and culture in West Africa in the Cultural Focus.

Interview with Monette Marino-Keita
Last month, I interviewed Monette Marino-Keita a great American percussionist who has a lot of professional experience playing djembe. She spends a lot of time travelling the world with her husband, djembe legend Mamady Keita. She helps him to teach workshops and they perform regularly.

Monette has just released her first album Coup d’Eclat, which is getting rave reviews and features Mamady Keita on many tracks. I too can vouch for its awesome funkyness. Coup d’Eclat can be purchased from Amazon and cd baby.

Monette is a lot of fun, and I personally found this interview very insightful you can watch it here.

Media of the Month

Here is a selection of the best djembe media this month:
– Nansady Keita has released a new CD, Farafina Sangbarala.
– Adama Drame has released a documentary film, A Griot’s Story.
– Kerfala ‘Fana’ Bangoura launches his debut CD.
– Naby Camara releases an exciting new Balafon instructional DVD.
– Nansady Keita gives us an insight into his life in his short documentary, “That’s Why I Love It“.

Cultural Focus
This month we looked at the Djole mask dance and its origins. We also feature a rare video of the mask and dance. Be sure to have a look.

Featured in the forum
The rhythm of the month discussions are underway. We are studying Yankadi this month.

We have some great personal insights from many of our members into what life lessons the djembe has taught them.

We have a great discussion going on the amazing dununba rhythms.

Biography of the Month
Zoumana Dembele is one of the most promising djembefolas to come out of West Africa. Read more about him.

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Author: James

James loves music, especially Djembe drum music. He has been studying traditional djembe drumming since 2004. Nearly all his free time goes into developing

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