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Monette Marino Keita’s eagerly awaited debut albumn, “Coup d’Eclat”, is launched on the 1st of April.

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Monette Marino Keita‘s eagerly awaited debut albumn, “Coup d’Eclat”, is launched on the 1st of April.

Monette is a world percussionist from the US, who has studied rhythms from Latin America and West Africa. She is also heavily influenced by funk and rock music and has transposed traditional rhythms onto western instruments to create a new category of music she is calling NuAfroBeat.

Monette is well known in djembe circles, as being a screaming djembe player and Mamady Keita’s wife. She can be found on many videos along side Mamady and tours and performs with him regularly.

This is Monette’s first solo project and she wrote all of the music on the album, and the cd was arranged and co-produced by Allan Phillips.

“Coup d’Eclat” is an instrumental explosion of funk, latin and african inspired rhythms and melodies. She he has figured out a way to weave all of these styles together creating a fresh new sound which has been described as if you were to put Santana, James Brown and Fela Kuti all on stage together.

Monette has brought together the most talented musicians to accompany her on guitar, keyboards, bass, saxophone, flute, trumpet, kora and steel drum. If you like upbeat, funky, rock, latin, african and especially percussive music then you must have this CD.

Monette was featured on FOX 5 Morning Show with Arthel Neville on March 15th.

Check out this clip of king of Matoto.

An mp3 album can be downloaded at amazon:

You also purchase it from CD baby

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