New Djembe band in Dublin – Wassa Wassa

Wassa Wassa has been born from the ashes of Djembefaso which fell asleep and didn’t wake up last year.

The band is made up of Andy, Aoife, Rob, Nial the 2 Marians and they are a breath of fresh air to the Dublin djembe scene.

Check out the Wassa Wassa myspace page and I really enjoyed their promo vids. Clean, organised and pretty good going for only 3 drummers.

I look forward to seeing more of their performance and wish them luck with the future…

The Big Bang Festival in Dublin

Well Last week the Big Bang Festival percussoin festival was a resounding success. In it’s second year Big Bang 3 (confusing I know) built on the success of the festival last year.

Workshop highlights for me was an Indian Music lecture by Rashmi V Bhatt, a bodhran workshop by Robbie Harris and Brian Flemming and a djembe workshop by Seckou Keita.

There was also great performances in the Evening. Highlights for me getting to play with Seckou Keita. I really enjoyed that. For the grand finally everyone mobbed the stage to join Hearbeat percussion in a big open Jam. There must’ve been every kind of drum in the known universe up there.

Congratulations to Brian and Robbie on all the hard work they did this year. I for one appreciate it and wish them all the best of luck with it next year.