The best djembe you can find

Hey there djembe lover!

Would you love to play as great a djembe as possible?

The quality of your djembe has a BIG impact on the percieved quality of your playing.

Sure it’s possible to get good sounds out of nearly any djembe, but when you are playing with other people it can be hard to be heard if you can’t project your music easily.

If you have to exert yourself too much you get tired faster, and you can injure yourself trying to squeeze more volume out of the drum.

Each djembe has it’s own unique sound that comes from the combination of the wood, the carving inside the bowl, the skin, and how the skin is mounted.

As such there are many things to consider when buying a djembe, and without a doubt the wood that the djembe is made from is probably one of the most important considerations.


Introducing Awa djembes

I am happy to introduce Awa djembes, which are the line of djembes that grand master Mamady Keita chose to carry his name in his limited edition 40 piece djembe line (which is now sold out).

The premium Awa djembe range is made by the same people, and the quality of these djembes is guaranteed by such projects that have gone before, and the years of experience that Jeremy Tomasck has in djembe construction.

We have you covered with a guarantee of quality in line with the articles linked to above that spell out what you should be looking for in a djembe that will last you a life time.

You can hear Michi playing one of Jeremy’s djembes here:

…and Jeremy playing one here:

Check out the latest Awa djembes, which are only available on

Don’t miss these introductory prices, upgrade your playing with a djembe you can be sure you will love for a very long time.

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