Why you should be add your djembe/dance class to djembefola.com

Promoting events is hard work. Letting people who may intetested know is time consuming and exhausting.

We believe that posting your event on djembefola.com is a very good use of your time and heres why:

Over 5000 djembe lovers visit the site every month. The event will appear on the page for your respective country and for each logged in member your event will also appear on their home page. We also email all users who have opted in with events in their country every month.

In addition all details of your event will automatically submitted to Google and we are usually the first result on Google (or close to it) for ‘djembe classes countryname’.

The event system will also automatically make a post to our forum where it can be discussed.

If you look at existing events you will that we automatically generate an “add to google calendar” button which allows visitors to add the details of your event straight into their calendar with one click.

So what do you need to do if you want to add your event? If you haven’t already created a free account, you can do so in 60 seconds.

Then go to the add event page and enter the details of you event.

This process is quick and easy.

We will do the rest.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact me.

Author: James

James loves music, especially Djembe drum music. He has been studying traditional djembe drumming since 2004. Nearly all his free time goes into developing djembefola.com.

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