Djembe and African music Spotify playlists

I’ve been using Spotify to listen to a bit of Djembe music when I don’t have my music with me.

Spotify isn’t available in all countries, but I highly recommend it if it is available to you. I love it.

Here’s a play list I put together to show what’s available:

Djembe playlist

Here’s an African Music playlist (mostly West African):

African music playlist

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James loves music, especially Djembe drum music. He has been studying traditional djembe drumming since 2004. Nearly all his free time goes into developing

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  • Groove Custom

    I would really love to be able to listen to this, but we can’t access Spotify in South Africa unfortunately :(
    I’ve recorded a few songs my self. I’m not the greates player, or vocalist for that matter, but for me, it’s not about talent, it’s about the joy it brings.
    I’ve done a few tunes with the djembe, fujara and conkovka as well. If you’d like to have a listen, please visit my site, and click on the “gallery” link.
    My version of Fanga leaves much to be desired, but the words mean the same thing, sung well or not 😀
    I’d really appreciate some feedback, if you wouldn’t mind.

    Ashé ashé!!!

  • James

    You should check out, they are similar, but they tend not to limit by country as much. I’m sure South African is often left out of these things. I know, because I used to live there.

    Thanks for dropping by anyway :)