Famoudou Konate djembe workshops

Once again, I am thrilled to announce Famoudou Konate‘s 2009 Chicago
Workshop May 14th – 17th and the Special for Advanced Players workshop May
18th & 19th.

May 14th – 17th (Thursday – Sunday)

The workshops will take place at Gilson Park in Wilmette, Illinois.
Thursday and Friday (May 14th & 15th) are from 6:00pm – 10:30pm
Saturday (May 16th) is from 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Sunday (May 17th) is from 10:30am-3:00pm
Each class includes 4 hours of instruction.
Space is limited and registration is required
(sorry, no walk-ins accepted).
The cost for the workshop is as follows; all 4 days $365.00 or daily rate of
$100 per day.

May 18th – 19th (Monday & Tuesday)

The location is to be announced (may be north of Chicago next to Metra
Monday and Tuesday (May 18th *& 19th) are from 11:00am – 3:30pm
Each class includes 4 hours of instruction.
Space is limited and registration is required
(sorry, no walk-ins accepted).
The cost for the workshop is $125 per day

To prepare for these special advanced classes you should:
Be familiar with a wide range of Malinke rhythms
Be comfortable playing Dunun (Dance of the Strong Men) rhythms
Have mastered the 6/8 kenkeni patterns and “off” djembe
accompaniment parts

Because of the advanced material and pace of these workshops, students may
not be able to master all of the material by the completion of each class.
Famoudou will provide a cleaning recording of the class to assist students
with further study of the material.

If you’re able to attend these workshops, register soon as it is expected
that we will be sold out once again this year.

Registration is available at


(you may register
on-line, by mail or by phone 847-543-0708). Once your registration is
received we will send you a confirmation.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions at
helen@medusadrums.com or 847-543-0708.

Workshop Details ………..

Maître du Djembe – Master of the Djembe Famoudou Konaté is a world-renowned
virtuoso of the djembe drum and its orchestra. One of only a handful of
initiated Masters of the Malinké drumming tradition, Famoudou is universally
respected as one of the world’s premiere djembe Drum Masters. He has
dedicated his life to performing and preserving the music of his people,
helping to elevate the djembe orchestra from its traditional roots to
worldwide popularity. Fode Camara (also from Guinea) will again join the
tour as his Sangbanfola.

From Hand to Hand

Famoudou’s Wassa Kunba! teaching system involves an intensive 4 hours of
instruction per day and ensures that you will leave with everything you will
need to study and perform a complete Malinké rhythm. You’ll learn the basic
rhythms on the three dununs and the djembe accompaniment parts. Famoudou
will also teach echauffements (the patterns that “heat up” the song), djembe
solo techniques, introductions and breaks, dunun variations and even songs
that accompany the rhythms in the village. You’ll learn the origins of each
rhythm; receive expert instruction on all instruments in the traditional
Malinké djembe orchestra while deepening your understanding of the place of
music, dance and song in West African life.

Wassa Kunba! – “Great Joy!”

Through these amazing workshops, Famoudou Konaté shares with everyone the
great joy of traditional Malinké hand drumming from Guinea, West Africa.

A workshop with Famoudou is like nothing else out there. His enthusiasm and
energy are absolutely infectious. Famoudou’s drum speaks with unsurpassed
clarity, communicating the musical heritage of his people and the universal
strength of the human spirit. He engages everyone, creating a joyful
environment where we together enjoy the uplifting beauty of the Malinké

Whatever your background or experience level, take this unique opportunity
to study with this living legend and truly great master.

Improve your skills and experience Wassa Kunba! with Famoudou Konaté.

Other tour cities include; Dallas, Washington, D.C., Boston,
Montreal-Quebec, Portland-Oregon, Calgary-Alberta, Columbia-South Carolina
and Fort Collins-Colorado. Check out the complete tour on

. We hope to see you during the tour!

If your looking for an even deeper connection to the Malinke music and its
culture there will be only two workshops with Famoudou in Guinea this coming
winter. I’ll be organizing the workshop in Guinea with Famoduou with a trip
to his village of Sangbaralla – January to February 2010. There will also be
a workshop December 2009 to January 2010.(details will be posted soon on our

Best Wishes,

Helen Bond

Author: James

James loves music, especially Djembe drum music. He has been studying traditional djembe drumming since 2004. Nearly all his free time goes into developing djembefola.com.

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