Global Beats 2008, Ipswitch, Suffolk, England

I’m passing on details of this event in the UK, as it seems to be for a good cause:

I am organising an event in November called Global Beats, at Otley College, Suffolk. It is in aid of a charity called Love Light Romania. All profits will go to the sanctuary in Romania which offers a home to children who have the aids virus through childhood immunisation! unbelievable – I know. The link to this charity is have a look to see what they are up to.

I work at Otley college and the PA to the principle is heavily involved with this project, when I saw the film about the charity, that was it, I knew that we could do something for them and hopefully top what we raised in January (£1000)

The event is looking to be fabulous, with loads of workshops and then supper then topped off with an amazing concert of drumming, samba, balafon, dance and high energy.

The whole event is to be filmed by BBC as part of a European series that will be shown on the TV in early January.

It would be wonderful to fill up all the workshop spaces and sell lots of tickets for the meal and concert.

thank you so much in advance for your help.

Anyone who feels that they can also pass this email on would also be helping enormously.

To book, contact
call/text – 07718 10 66 66 or 07946 050 318

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