Exciting new way of learning djembe

Hey djembefolas

I’m really excited to announce the launch of a really exciting project that has been in the pipeline for years (literally):
Tasumakan – The sound of Fire, is the latest way to learn djembe drumming online.

It is a collaboration between djembefola.com and Tasuma Productions (aka our very own Bops of Wadoma fame).
You can now buy the first Rhythm of the series, Tansole, right now.

As a way of saying thank you we are giving away a free “review copy” away to one lucky person (drawn at random) every day on the forum from Friday the 8th until Tuesday the 12th of July.

All you have to do is come and say hi in this thread on Friday and make sure you have Introduced yourself.
The idea of a review copy is that you tell us what you think. There’s of course no way to enforce that, but …. meh…. we’ll see what happens

We are also giving away a copy to 5 lucky people who come like my “Tasumakan” post on the djembefola.com facebook by Friday

If you want to support djembefola.com, this your opportunity – we’d love any help you can give us to spread the work!
Liking on Facebook is the easiest or why not forward this to a friend.

I genuinely think these are top quality training videos and they would help most beginner to high advanced intermediate players become better drummers.

Find out more about Tasumakan here.

Thanks for your support.
James and Paddy

Stunning African Drum and Dance Calendar for 2011

Djembefola.com African muisc, drum and dance Calendar 2011

In case anyone missed it have launched our African Music Calendar for 2011. It’s a mostly oriented towards African drumming and dancing, but the shots are beautiful to appreciate in and of themselves, plus there was shots of Ngoni, Balafon and other things.

In fact I would say the general focus of the calendar is on people rather than instruments.

If you like what we do at djemebfola.com and you want to support us, this is your opportunity. In addition 30% of any profit will go to ‘Les Voies du Monde‘ who are based in Nice, France and are looking to build an art centre in Burkina Faso.

Please do help us to spread the world, and click here for more information or to buy a calendar yourself.


Why you should be add your djembe/dance class to djembefola.com

Promoting events is hard work. Letting people who may intetested know is time consuming and exhausting.

We believe that posting your event on djembefola.com is a very good use of your time and heres why:

Over 5000 djembe lovers visit the site every month. The event will appear on the page for your respective country and for each logged in member your event will also appear on their home page. We also email all users who have opted in with events in their country every month.

In addition all details of your event will automatically submitted to Google and we are usually the first result on Google (or close to it) for ‘djembe classes countryname’.

The event system will also automatically make a post to our forum where it can be discussed.

If you look at existing events you will that we automatically generate an “add to google calendar” button which allows visitors to add the details of your event straight into their calendar with one click.

So what do you need to do if you want to add your event? If you haven’t already created a free account, you can do so in 60 seconds.

Then go to the add event page and enter the details of you event.

This process is quick and easy.

We will do the rest.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact me.

Djembe News – for May

Welcome to another edition of the djembefola.com newsletter.

This month we have an interview with Monette Marina-Keita, wife of legendary Mamady Keita., and we also review some of the best djembe videos on the web.

This month we introduce 2 new features on the newsletter. Read up on the great masters and prodigies of West African drumming and dance on the Biography of the Month. Then learn about traditions and culture in West Africa in the Cultural Focus.

Interview with Monette Marino-Keita
Last month, I interviewed Monette Marino-Keita a great American percussionist who has a lot of professional experience playing djembe. She spends a lot of time travelling the world with her husband, djembe legend Mamady Keita. She helps him to teach workshops and they perform regularly.

Monette has just released her first album Coup d’Eclat, which is getting rave reviews and features Mamady Keita on many tracks. I too can vouch for its awesome funkyness. Coup d’Eclat can be purchased from Amazon and cd baby.

Monette is a lot of fun, and I personally found this interview very insightful you can watch it here.

Media of the Month

Here is a selection of the best djembe media this month:
– Nansady Keita has released a new CD, Farafina Sangbarala.
– Adama Drame has released a documentary film, A Griot’s Story.
– Kerfala ‘Fana’ Bangoura launches his debut CD.
– Naby Camara releases an exciting new Balafon instructional DVD.
– Nansady Keita gives us an insight into his life in his short documentary, “That’s Why I Love It“.

Cultural Focus
This month we looked at the Djole mask dance and its origins. We also feature a rare video of the mask and dance. Be sure to have a look.

Featured in the forum
The rhythm of the month discussions are underway. We are studying Yankadi this month.

We have some great personal insights from many of our members into what life lessons the djembe has taught them.

We have a great discussion going on the amazing dununba rhythms.

Biography of the Month
Zoumana Dembele is one of the most promising djembefolas to come out of West Africa. Read more about him.

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djembefola x Dress Lands Navy Blue Chiffon Dress

djembefola x Dress Lands Navy Blue Chiffon Dress / With Pleated Skirt/ Horizontal Stripes

This djembefola x http://www.dresslands.com/c/chiffon-dresses/ one is a lovely chiffon dress that is colored in navy blue and it looks amazing when you wear it! The neckline is a shirt collar and the buttons go all the way down until the waist line. The skirt section of the dress has a lovely pleated feature and the length of the dress goes up until the thigh area of the leg. The bottom of the dress has lovely lines on the bottom, which go around the dress in a horizontal manner. Purple white and light blue are amazing colors and they really help to bring out the features in the dress! If you have pale colored skin then your body will look great as the navy blue color really brings out your complexion. You can team the dress up with a pair of heels, or, if you wish, a pair of trainers.

Winner of the signed album give away

In exchange for you telling us what you want to see more of on djembefola.com and in our newsletter, we held a draw for a copy of Monette Marino-Keita’s new album Coup d’eclat.

The results of the poll (as it currently stands) is that you’re looking for technical and cultural articles as well as tutorial videos. This is mostly as expected, but there have been a few surprises too, so we will be acting upon these results.

The winner of the draw is Suzanne Davies.

Congratulations Suzanne!

Exclusive djembe rhythm information, recordings and videos

Djembe is a great instrument! It can be addictive and so can learning new things.

It’s not always easy to have access to a teacher and as such we wanted to figure out a way we could learn from each other.

In December we started what was to become known as the rhythms of the month. If you haven’t been following it I recommend you have a look as there is some great information on some popular and not so popular rhythms.

You can expect to find:
– Cultural information and history
– Djembe dundun videos, audio you won’t find anywhere else on the web
– variations and solos
– songs
– discographies
– discussion on regional variations, different teacher’s styles
…and much much more

Rhythms covered so far are:
– Mendiani
– Jelifoli
– Soli/Suku
– Yankadi
– Kuku
– Tiriba

You need to be logged in as a member to view this special forum. Click here to check it out or here to register (for free, in less than 60 seconds) if you’re not already a member.

If you’re interested in how this idea evolved, click here.

Djembe news in June

This is the monthly djembefola.com newsletter, which is emailed to subscribers every month. If you’re not already on the list, why not sign up now!

Hi Djembe lovers,
We’ve got a great newsletter for you this month.
First of all don’t miss the chance to win a signed copy of Monette’s new album, Coup d’Eclat. All you have to do is give us some feedback about what you’d like to see more of in the newsletter and on the djembefola.com in general.

We also have a video interview with Master Djembefola, Amara Kante from Guinea, a great new article about how to choose a djembe and much more.

Interview with Master djembefola – Amara Kante

Amara Kante is a unique Guinean djembe master who was born in the Ivory Coast. As such he has a wide range of knowledge across many ethnic groups and musical styles.

He was kind enough to do an interview with me and my friend Pierrot, after a brilliant workshop he gave here in the South of France. I have to say this was the most challenging workshop I’ve ever done and his knowledge goes very deep.

Amara is a passionate traditionalist and this is definitely worth checking out, click here to check it out..

This one’s in French folks, but there will soon be subtitles soon, so check back if your don’t speak Francais!

A guide to choosing a djembe

Paddy, a regular contributor to djembefola.com, has put together a really detailed, illustrated guide for buying a djembe.

Whether you are buying your first djembe, or considering buying your 10th drum at some point in the future, everyone can learn something from this article.

New Artists Section

Due to positive feed back and a need to better organise our artist’s biographies, we have created a new ‘djembe artists section’. Our ever hard working Bubudi has also added 5 new biographies for us to enjoy. I really enjoy reading these and learning more about the masters who’s music we enjoy so much.

Media of the Month

Each month we present some great videos that have been shared by the community.
This month we present:
– A clip from Mamady Keita’s 50th years of career tour.
– Another Fantastic Sewa Kan Video, that even my girlfriend likes
– Barbara Bangoura teaches KeiKei

…till the next time

That’s it for this month folks. Don’t forget to give us your feed back and be in with a chance to win Monette’s great new CD.

If you found this newsletter interesting, why not share it with a friend and if you were forwarded this newsletter, why not sign up now.
Until next time, happy drumming!

Tam Tam Mandingue Certification Guidelines published

Tam Tam Mandingue is a non-profit organisation set up by Mamady Keita to preserve Mandingue music and culture.

Their mission is stated as:

Tam Tam Mandingue USA (TTM USA) is a school of West African drumming dedicated to preserve and transmit Mandingue musical tradition as a tool to promote tolerance, understanding, equality and international peace.

Djembefola.com were recently given a copy of the Tam Tam Mandingue certification guidelines to clear up exactly what is involved in becoming certified.

This is well worth looking into for anyone teaching djembe out there…

We are updating our glossary African percussion drums

We are currently updating our glossary of african percussion drums.

We hope that the revised glossary will cover more than just drums and African instruments. We are looking to include any an all terminology, including phrases from West African languages that are used to make reference to certain aspects of djembe drumming.

We are all contributing to the new glossary and invite one and all to help us build a useful resource with our collective knowledge.