Free stuff, xmas discounts and cool xmas presents

Christmas is coming fast and for a lot of people that mean’s gifts given and received. We guess you’re like us, and would love to give and receive cool drumming stuff, so we have created a list of some great gifts that would make any djembe lover happy regardless of level and experience.


1) Premium limited edition Djembefola bags

It can be difficult of find a high quality djembe bag. They are often beautiful, but seldom last longer than a few months.

These bags are designed by Drumskulls and are perhaps the best djembe bags that money can buy, all of the parts and material is top quality, and these bags are made to last.

We are giving you 12% off these awesome bags and we expect them to be snapped up fast.

Learn more about these awesome bags


2) Djembe pro by Tasumakan

These are exceptional quality learning videos that have something for all levels of djembe player. My favourite part of these videos is that Paddy teaches awesome djembe solo for each rhythm that is inspiring and increases with complexity.

The slower solo breakdown makes it easy to learn bit by bit, so that by the end of it I’m playing phrases that were previously outside my vocabulary and skill level.

Each rhythm’s video lesson contains the dunduns, djembe accompaniments and solo (with slower break down and explanation), as well as great cultural explanation video. These can be used on your phone, iPad, iPod, mp3 player or laptop / mac book.

You can get a 20% discount on all Tasumakan products with the coupon code HAPPYXMAS. This coupon is valid until the 12th of December.

Learn more about Djembe pro


3) Djembe basics by Tasumakan

The perfect start for any beginner or djembe player who’s only playing for a few years. This awesome product from Tasumakan teaches you all the theory, tips and tricks that you can’t read or see anywhere else, and that usually takes years to figure out.

How to hold your drum, different timings, calls etc. It also includes a number of drills, exercises and djembe accompaniments.

These can be used on your phone, iPad, iPod, mp3 player or laptop / mac book.

You can get a 20% discount on all Tasumakan products with the coupon code HAPPYXMAS. This coupon is valid until the 12th of December.

Learn more about Djembe basics


4) Rhythm reference library

Rhythm reference is a collection of 50 Traditional Rhtyhms recorded by Ballet de Merveille lead soloist Fara Tolno. It is probably the largest single library of traditional West African djembe dundun rhythms.

It is made up of audio recordings of all the dunduns, the djembe accompaniments, and Each Rhythm also includes djembe solo phrases from Fara with 3 levels of difficulty for Beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Here’s a free sample, or the level 2 Sinte solo.

These can be put on your iPod / mp3 player or phone and used anytime you have your device with you.

Take a look at the the library if you haven’t already done so!

You can get a 20% discount on the Rhythm Reference DjembeFola20. This coupon is valid until the 12th of December.


5) 10% off all products from Drumskulls

Drumskulls has probably the most comprehensive inventory of African music, instruments and particuarly drums. The quality of their instruments and products are 2nd to none.

We have convinced them to give you a 10% discount on any product in their store when you use the coupon code DJEMBEFOLA2014. This coupon is valid until the 26th of December.

That’s it folks, happy holidays! If this email has been of use to you and you think some of your friends would enjoy it, or you just want them to get the free stuff too, or maybe you’d like to drop a hint to a loved one, please do forward it to them :)

Happy 2013 – May all your tones and slaps ring true!

Apparently students that set goals achieve far more than those that don’t, so now is a great time to set yourself new drumming goals for 2013.

I don’t know where you were for new year eve, but next year I’m aiming for something like a Boka Juniors New Years party!
The Boka Juniors were created by the late Boka Camara, who was much loved and respected. Someone recently posted a compilation video of some of Boka Camara’s best moments, while playing with Harouna Dembele, Thomas Guei and friends.

Someone’s innocent introduction to the forum recently turned into a really interesting chat about the categorization of djembe rhythms into families. This thread includes, some great discussion, audio samples and several great articles that have been translated from French.

If you missed it, also be sure to check out the documentary “In Guinea with Famaoudou Konate” made by a student who travelled to Guinea to study with Famoudou Konate.

If that’s not enough for you, then also check out this great Fodé Seydou Bangoura drumming performance, recorded live in Portugal last October.

That’s all for now, feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might like it, and connect with us on Facebook.


Djembe news in June

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Hi Djembe lovers,
We’ve got a great newsletter for you this month.
First of all don’t miss the chance to win a signed copy of Monette’s new album, Coup d’Eclat. All you have to do is give us some feedback about what you’d like to see more of in the newsletter and on the in general.

We also have a video interview with Master Djembefola, Amara Kante from Guinea, a great new article about how to choose a djembe and much more.

Interview with Master djembefola – Amara Kante

Amara Kante is a unique Guinean djembe master who was born in the Ivory Coast. As such he has a wide range of knowledge across many ethnic groups and musical styles.

He was kind enough to do an interview with me and my friend Pierrot, after a brilliant workshop he gave here in the South of France. I have to say this was the most challenging workshop I’ve ever done and his knowledge goes very deep.

Amara is a passionate traditionalist and this is definitely worth checking out, click here to check it out..

This one’s in French folks, but there will soon be subtitles soon, so check back if your don’t speak Francais!

A guide to choosing a djembe

Paddy, a regular contributor to, has put together a really detailed, illustrated guide for buying a djembe.

Whether you are buying your first djembe, or considering buying your 10th drum at some point in the future, everyone can learn something from this article.

New Artists Section

Due to positive feed back and a need to better organise our artist’s biographies, we have created a new ‘djembe artists section’. Our ever hard working Bubudi has also added 5 new biographies for us to enjoy. I really enjoy reading these and learning more about the masters who’s music we enjoy so much.

Media of the Month

Each month we present some great videos that have been shared by the community.
This month we present:
– A clip from Mamady Keita’s 50th years of career tour.
– Another Fantastic Sewa Kan Video, that even my girlfriend likes
– Barbara Bangoura teaches KeiKei

…till the next time

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Djembe News – for May

Welcome to another edition of the newsletter.

This month we have an interview with Monette Marina-Keita, wife of legendary Mamady Keita., and we also review some of the best djembe videos on the web.

This month we introduce 2 new features on the newsletter. Read up on the great masters and prodigies of West African drumming and dance on the Biography of the Month. Then learn about traditions and culture in West Africa in the Cultural Focus.

Interview with Monette Marino-Keita
Last month, I interviewed Monette Marino-Keita a great American percussionist who has a lot of professional experience playing djembe. She spends a lot of time travelling the world with her husband, djembe legend Mamady Keita. She helps him to teach workshops and they perform regularly.

Monette has just released her first album Coup d’Eclat, which is getting rave reviews and features Mamady Keita on many tracks. I too can vouch for its awesome funkyness. Coup d’Eclat can be purchased from Amazon and cd baby.

Monette is a lot of fun, and I personally found this interview very insightful you can watch it here.

Media of the Month

Here is a selection of the best djembe media this month:
– Nansady Keita has released a new CD, Farafina Sangbarala.
– Adama Drame has released a documentary film, A Griot’s Story.
– Kerfala ‘Fana’ Bangoura launches his debut CD.
– Naby Camara releases an exciting new Balafon instructional DVD.
– Nansady Keita gives us an insight into his life in his short documentary, “That’s Why I Love It“.

Cultural Focus
This month we looked at the Djole mask dance and its origins. We also feature a rare video of the mask and dance. Be sure to have a look.

Featured in the forum
The rhythm of the month discussions are underway. We are studying Yankadi this month.

We have some great personal insights from many of our members into what life lessons the djembe has taught them.

We have a great discussion going on the amazing dununba rhythms.

Biography of the Month
Zoumana Dembele is one of the most promising djembefolas to come out of West Africa. Read more about him.

Djembefola Newsletter for April

Hi Djembefolas, we have a great newsletter this month with 2 insightful interviews.

We are really excited to be working with DrumSkull Drums, our new sponsor, who are well known for having the highest quality drums, media and accessories.

We are also delighted to be able to give away a $50 Drumskulls gift voucher. Entry is quick, free and easy, click here to find out how you can enter or click here to forward this to a friend.

Interview with Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor from Holy Goat percussion is a djembefola and djembe teacher based in Chicago. He is a long time student of Mamady Keita and is currently the director of Tam Tam Mandingue Chicago.

Michael has been around since the early days of djembe interest in Chicago and the birth of Tam Tam Mandingue. This interview covers a wide range of topics including how to become a better player and the existence of the 7 secrets of the djembe.

Michael also gives us a lot of details on what Tam Tam Mandingue is, why it came about and what it hopes to achieve. Michael also gives a lot of detail about Tam Tam Mandingue certification.

Click here to watch the interview

Interview with Mory Traore interviewed Mory Traore who is a Guinean dancer and teacher based in Sydney Australia.

Click here to read the interview.

Media of the Month
– A new Sege Sidibe instructional book, cd and DVD is creating a lot of excitement at the moment.

– We would like to highlight this great collection of Burkina style djembe videos

– Monette Marino Keita, percussionist and wife of Mamady Keita, releases her much anticipated new album.

Featured in the Forum
– The rhythm of the month is on again, and this month we will be studying Soli Rapide.

– Michi gives us a touching insight into how the djembe has changed his life.

Djembefola – February Newsletter

Greetings djembe lovers…

If you are not already subscribed to our monthly newsletter, you can keep up to date with the latest news reviews, give aways and interviews by clicking here to subscribe.

Already a month has passed, this is February’s newsletter updating you with everything that’s happening on and the djembe world in general. You’re receiving this email because you subscribed via our web site, but you may unsubscribe at any time.

Mamady Keita djembe talk (part 2)
We are happy to announce the release of part 2 of a 2 hour djembe performance and discussion with Mamady Keita. Click here to check it out.

Fadouba Oulare has passed away
The djembe world is rocked and saddend by the loss of one of it’s great modern masters, Fadouba Oulare. Fadouba had been sick in hospital in Conakry for some time, and last week we got news that Fadouba has passed away.

No longer to be heard live, his family could be supported by buying his CD that was recorded in 2006 and released in 2008.

Rhythm of the month
December saw the start of a very exciting initiative that now takes place on the forum, the “Rhythm of the month“.

Last month we looked at Mendiani and there has been a huge amount of great discussion, notation, mp3 and video samples shared by the community.

This month we have been studying lamban (Jelifoli) and there has been a great exchange so far.
Click here to take part

Featured in the forum
Traditional djembe, what’s the point?
Biography & great videos of Soungalo Coulibaly

Media of the month
Susu Rhythms
Malinke (a new DVD from Famoudou Konate) Newsletter – January 2010

This is the first of what will be a monthly newsletter updating you with everything that’s happening on and the djembe world in general.

If you are not already subscribed to our monthly newsletter, you can keep up to date with the latest news reviews, give aways and interviews by clicking here to subscribe.

Free 2 hour video of Mamady Keita talking djembe

We recently have launched our new look and there is lots of new djembe articles, videos and mp3 for you to enjoy.

This month we are delighted to let you know a video exclusive to, a 2 hour hour djembe performance and discussion with Mamady Keita. You won’t find this anywhere else folks.

Rhythm of the month
December saw the start of a very exciting initiative that now takes place on the forum, the “Rhythm of the month”. The first rhythm that we agreed to study was Mendiani and there has been a huge amount of great discussion, notation, mp3 and video samples shared by the community.

These discussions are really worth checking out.

Featured in the forum
Each month we will be featuring a couple of disucussions in the forum that are really worth having a look at:
1) Having decided to take the dive, Carl has started a discussion on Tam Tam Mandingue certification
2) Michi’s topic on Mamady Keita’s mini guinea camp in san diego also got very interesting as he shares his experience during and after the camp. Click here to find out more

Featured Djembe Media:
1) Famoudou Konate videos shared by “The Kid” –
2) Mamady Improvising to Kibalen by michi, footage of Mamady soloing over this rare dununba rhythm.
3) Mamady Improvising to Koredjuga by michi. The grandmaster shows how to rock this crazy rhythm

Mamady Keita Djembe performance and workshop in Dublin Ireland

Ireland has been a bit deprived of serious djembe action since the dawn of time…

This is true no more, because (hold on to your seats folks) on the 24th of this month (July ’09) mega-djembefola Mamady Keita is coming to town.


Brian and Robbie are making a list and checking it twice and Mamady will certainly know if you’ve been naugty or nice.
He’ll be lashing out KAs and KEs to all the good little boys and girls who’ve been drilling their chops and man I can’t wait!

This is not a workshop to be missed. The workshop is priced at 55 euros a head and this is scandalously cheap for a Mamady Keita workshop.

Mamady must have more experience at teaching Westies than any other Guinean. I have it on good authority that this has lead him to know the material and delivery of such really well…

I’ve been assured that Mamady won’t be pitching at a beginners level and hopefully the level will be above entry level.

So djembe program is below:

  1. Friday 24th July at 9pmla spectac in the button factory
    • Mamady and Monette
    • Wassa Wassa – who are a band who’ve been working hard for a long time…
  2. Saturday 25th of July at 11amAn audience with Mamady
  3. Saturday 25th of July at 1.30pm – 4.30pm – A workshop with Mamady

There are loads of other performances and workshops on for the BigBangFestival and it’s a great opportunity to meet other drummers, get involved in the community and try out new styles of percussion without breaking the bank.

Check out the forum for some of the best Mamady Keita videos on the net.

In the mean time, a small taster – one of my all time favourite videos. This was shot at the end of one of his workshops in Japan:

Thanks to Manfred for the great photo of Mamady that he took on his fab trek.