You’re going to love these videos!

I found some really nice videos this week that I’d like to share… They are each different, and are quite unique in their own way.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dundunba rhythms and more

This is a beautifully produced video, which is full on insightful, less well known information. And a pleasure to watch!

Have you considered the role of Rhythm in your life?

Well known, much loved, and many many times watched, Foli is an beautiful work of art that makes us stop and consider some of the most basic principles of life, music and rhythm.

Want some good news?

In today’s world climate of fear, and division, it was a really nice surprise to find this video from what looks to have been a very interesting conference about using culture as a measn of social, racial integration in Portugal…. very interesting work and some interesting names of thought leaders popped up for me to research further such as Amilcar Cabral… did I mention there’s also an interview with Babara Bangoura and a real nice djembekan!

Then there’s just the good old fasioned, amazing djembekan video….

This is a really nice Djembekan by Babara Bangoura in 2001 at the Big Bang drumming festival which takes place in Dublin every year. I can’t believe I missed this Big Bang, and this video brought to us by Jabba Jabba Jembe until now :)

Do you want more inspiration?

Thomas Guei has some of the fastest hands in the business, and this is a nice look at some Ivory Coast style djembe action…


There are surely other amazing djembe videos out there, just waiting to be discovered. What did we miss? What are your favourites?

Our favourite djembe videos this week

Why you only need one hand to play djembe!

This is a great example how beautiful simplicity can be by living legend grand master Mamady Keita. The video is notated and put together is this great way by Louis Cesar Ewande, who has a great collection of djembe videos which are really well put together, and worth checking out.

Boka Camara joins a local crew at a dundunba celebration
Sadly Boka Camara passed away in 2009, but he is certainly not forgotten and it’s always a pleasure when new footage of his amazing chops show up again…  Here’s a new upload by Tasumakan footage of Boka as he joins the local crew at a Dununba celebration in the neighborhood of Dixin in Conakry in West Africa in 2005.


Koungbana CONDE | 4/4 Solo | Transcription

Koungbana Conde has been drumming since the 50/60’s. He was in ballet Djoliba for 20 years and was a founding member and artistic director of ‘les percussions de guinea’. This video is another Louis Cesar Ewande remix / creation, and the solo Koungbana give us is beautiful, and is full of interesting ideas.

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