Stunning African Drum and Dance Calendar for 2011 African muisc, drum and dance Calendar 2011

In case anyone missed it have launched our African Music Calendar for 2011. It’s a mostly oriented towards African drumming and dancing, but the shots are beautiful to appreciate in and of themselves, plus there was shots of Ngoni, Balafon and other things.

In fact I would say the general focus of the calendar is on people rather than instruments.

If you like what we do at and you want to support us, this is your opportunity. In addition 30% of any profit will go to ‘Les Voies du Monde‘ who are based in Nice, France and are looking to build an art centre in Burkina Faso.

Please do help us to spread the world, and click here for more information or to buy a calendar yourself.


Exclusive djembe rhythm information, recordings and videos

Djembe is a great instrument! It can be addictive and so can learning new things.

It’s not always easy to have access to a teacher and as such we wanted to figure out a way we could learn from each other.

In December we started what was to become known as the rhythms of the month. If you haven’t been following it I recommend you have a look as there is some great information on some popular and not so popular rhythms.

You can expect to find:
– Cultural information and history
– Djembe dundun videos, audio you won’t find anywhere else on the web
– variations and solos
– songs
– discographies
– discussion on regional variations, different teacher’s styles
…and much much more

Rhythms covered so far are:
– Mendiani
– Jelifoli
– Soli/Suku
– Yankadi
– Kuku
– Tiriba

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If you’re interested in how this idea evolved, click here.

Try not to Inhale

This is the first case I’ve head of, but another person is in care in hospital after inhaling Anthrax from the a goat skin while re-heading a drum.

Read all about it on new scientist below:

Anthrax Djembe Skin

We must aggrevate the risk by virtue of the fact that we are shaving the skin with a razor blace and loads of dust and fibre come off during this phase….

I wonder how many people in Africa die mysteriously from this condition every year?