Djembe and African drumming tours in West Africa

There are many options available to you if you want to study drumming in Africa. It would be a tall order to list all of the available options, but we’ve put together a nice cross section of available options.

Whether you haven’t yet taken the trip to West Africa, or you have been dozens of times, we think you’ll find this selection interesting.

All of the tours listed here are offering a discount to anybody that mentions when they register.

Class with Akassa Cissoko in Casamance

Rhythm Power Ghana 2011

Simon in Melbourne has been running this great tour to Ghana for a few years now. Teachers will be master drumming Tuza and Adamane and Madou Keita from Burkina Faso.

Simon is offering a US$200 discount for people who mention when they book.

More information can be found on the event page for Rhythm Power Ghana 2011.

Mamady Keita in Guinea Conakry

This is probably one of the best known and most popular tours to Guinea every year. Monette and Mamady are offering a US$100 discount to people who mention, when they register. This means that the course will cost $1850 instead of $1950.

Here is more details of the Mamady Keita drum camp.

Trip to Guinea with Bolokada Conde

Bolokada is offering housing, food, class and transport to the villages from Dec. 10 and ends Jan. 14. He is offering a discount of up to US$20 per week (so up to US$120) to people who mention when they register.

For more info check out the event page for Bolokada Conde’s trip to Guinea.

Seckou Keita in Senegal 2011

Seckou has been bringing students to Abene in Senegal for quite some time now. He puts enphasis on his workshop being for intermediate to advanced players. Chelima and Sekou are offering a £25 discount to people who mention

Here is more information on Seckou Keita in Senegal in 2011.

Travel to Guinea with Bongo Sidibe and Joti Singh

This trip normally costs $500 per week. Joti and Bongo are offering a reduction $50 per week ($450 per Week). This means that 5 weeks will cost $2000 (not $2250).

More details on travelling to Guinea with Bongo Sidibe

Travel to Mali with Abdul Doumbia

This year Paddy and Otehlia Cassidy are organising a tour to Mali with Abdul Doumbia. If the amazing music of Mali is your thing, then be sure to have a closer look at this tour. Paddy and Abdoul are offering a $50 discount on to people who mention when they register.

Click here for more details.

Travel to Guinea with MBemba Bangoura, 2011

This tour to Guinea with M’bemba Bangoura is organised by Michael Markus. Michael and M’bemba are offering a US$25 discount to anyone who mentions when they register.

Click here for more details.

Cultural Study and Drum Tours to The Gambia, West Africa with King Marong

This tour is open to all people who are passionate about African music and culture. King is offering a US$20 discount to anyone who mentions while registering.

Click here for more details

Thinking about taking a trip? Be sure to check out our article on Studying drumming in West Africa, if you haven’t already done so.

Any questions, comments, criticisms? Maybe you’ve been to West Africa, and think I forgot to mention something? Let us know in the comments.

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    I’d like to inform the community that there’s the Souleymane Compo (based in London) Guinea’s trip as well !!!

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