Mamady Keita - djembe master

Mamady Keita was born in 1950 in Balandougou, a village in Wassolon, Guinea.

An uncommon destiny is what was predicted to Mamady's mother when she asked what was to become her son. He has since gone on to become the most well known djembefola in Africa and around the world.

He began playing at community festivals at the age of 8 years and was quickly known as a djembefola across the region.

In Belgium, he founded the European School of rhythm and percussion "Repercussions" and that same year, his group Sewa Kan (the sound of joy), which is still touring to this day.

His djembe school Tam Tam Mandeng, opened in 1991. His training technique is exported to many countries around the world, from France to Japan, the USA and beyond.

We have a 2 hour video of an interview with Mamady Keita, including a performance of 2 djembe rhythms.