Amara Kante - Master Djembefola

Amara Kante djembefola - djembe player

Amara Kante was born in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast the early 70s. Amara comes from the Forger cast of the Guinean Malinke people, who traditionally specialise in Metallurgy and nature based spirituality.

Amara started playing with his friends with he was 5 years old and at the age of 7 was summoned to play with the legendary Ballet Koteba in Abidjan.

His ability to master a wide range of instruments, such as dunduns, bara, n'tama and krin, his encyclopaedic memory of rhythms and his exceptional djembe technique, soon led to his acknowledgement of his status as a master drummer.

After his move to Guinea, Amara also played with the legendary Ballet Africains.