"Adama Drame - djembe master

Adama is an acclaimed master of the djembe, a sixth generation djeli (griot) who recites the history of his people at important events to the accompaniment of his djembe. He is known for an energetic and dynamic style with an incredible range of sounds, so unique that nobody comes close to it.

Image of Adama Drame

Adama was born 7 June 1954 in Nouna, Kossi province in Burkina Faso, about 250km from Bobo Dioulasso. His father, Salifou Drame, was a musician with 4 LPs to his credit. His mother, Assita Kone, was also a professional singer. Once he decided to become a djeli he practiced seriously with his father and at the age of 12 he joined his father's group. His father was a modern djeli adding guitar, accordion and a horn section to his band. Adama thus developed an extensive musical range that stayed with him. He began to play other drums such as tama, bongolo and tion as well as djembe.

Since 1979 he appeared at numerous festivals in Europe and North America as well as in Africa. He has made several tours of Europe but chose to remain in West Africa through his success. Adama is leader of the Ballet Foliba. His situation is unique in that the djembe is not an instrument traditionally played by djelis.